MixTureLife-Behind The Success Of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

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Colonel Harland D. Sanders was born in 1890 on a farm near Hendryville , Indiana . Tap his father died at age six. And the cause of his mother had to work as a tailor shirts while it also had to look younger - younger brother . At that moment her mother taught her the art of regional cuisine.

Not long after his mother married again , Harland D. Sanders who at that time was 12 years old had dropped out of school . He left home to start work . Among the first jobs including farming, job supervisors rail, bus conductors , insurance agents , mechanics, steam ships , and more. Finally , Harland D. Sanders opened a food stall where she provides great specials to customers - fried chicken , table 6 .

However, bad luck is faithful Sanders . In 1939 , business fell and almost bangkrup . Without a sense of hopelessness , Sanders set up a restaurant and motel with a new style . Anyone who wants to use the public phone or going to the toilet a woman to go through a replica motelnya rooms available there.

This ad is successful in expanding motelnya . But when income acquires quite nice , another problem emerged . New roads have been built and cause more road users through the store eating and daily motelnya.Keuntungan motelnya began to decline , and Sanders sold all motelnya .

However, sales revenue is just enough to pay the existing debt . Although Harland D. Sanders was 66 years old at the time, he did not have anything to be proud of . By living under a liability. The only property is the most valuable possession a secret recipe which named " kentucky fried chicken " .

By 1956 , Sanders has managed to convince dozens of restaurants use to cook and sell Kentucky fried chicken ( even then almost one hundred times less Restorant owners across the state ) .

Pleased with the success obtained , Sanders acted with his 1946 model car with 50 recipe ingredients and a pot to be offered to some people who want to buy the secret recipe . By 1960 , a total of 400 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada has provided Kentucky fried chicken .

Within 4 years , the total sales of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant has risen to 650 with sales turnover per year, U.S. $ 37 million .

Currently there are almost 10 000 kentucky fried chicken restaurants around the world .

Some of the lessons that can be recovered from the story of Colonel Harland Sanders is :

1 . If our sense of self is not privileged , that is not the real cause of our food to come, but is a non-stop effort tapa done by yourself .
3 . If you like cooking , continue cooking. If you love to write , continue to write . If you love computers , continue to hack into computers . If you like to paint , go ahead and paint. If you like the engine , continue to hack a motor engine ( not motor stolen ) and learn engineering mathematics . If you stop doing that, then you start this momentum to be weak .

4 . Impossible success comes within a day or overnight. Sure there is a price to pay . That persistence, patience , discipline and consistency.

5 . Do not make age is a hindrance to success. Success is subjective . It will come to those who want it .

6 . Everyone has the right to achieve success in perspective and way respectively.

7 . INCOME everywhere . Only ourselves to be convinced sendriri water carrier will get it.

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Terboekpunyer : Churprise Contest 5 of 15 : iPad Mini 16GB Giveaway


Contest period: 21 Dec 2012 - 11 Jan 2013 (every weekday for 4 weeks)
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Terboekpunyer-Alasan-alasan untuk clash cara student


Student Kimia : Saya banyak terdedah dgn bahan kimia, saya takut tak dpt beri zuriat. Kita berpisah eh? "

Student Fizik : "Saya belajar pasal fizik kuantum yg tak nampak, jadi saya tak nampak awak dlm diri saya. Kita clash"
Student Matematik : "Saya dah buat kira-kira guna limit function, mmg sampai sini saja limit perhubungan kita"
Student Biologi : Maaf, saya dah jatuh cinta dengan serangga dan tumbuh-tumbuhan. Bukan dgn awak lagi"
Student Pergigian : "Saya tahu yg cinta awak palsu sepalsu gigi palsu! Nyenyenye."
Student Perundangan : "Talk to the hand, see you in court!"

Student Seni : "Gaya awak tak cukup abstrak untuk menambat hati saya. Maaf"

Student Pengajian Islam : "saya solat istikharah malam tadi dan sorry, awak tak ada dalam petunjuk masa depan saya".
Student muzik : saya cuba hayati nada cinta yang awak luahkan pada saya, tetapi lontaran vokal dan gaya penyampaian awk, tak dapat saya rasakan . . maaf awk disingkir.
student seni kulinari (masakan): awak tak pandai masak dan tak reti ambik hati org tua sy..nnt nk makan apa??
Student hotel & tourism : "saya tak dapat rasa customer service and serving awak dengan baik. Awak gagal dalam hubungan ini..kita putus..